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Rubber Droppers Manufactured in India
Rubber Droppers Manufactured in India by brw
Rubber Droppers with Amber bottles by Bharat Rubber Works

We are high-quality Rubber Dropper Manufacturers in India. Achieving precision and accuracy of medicinal dose can sometimes become a hassle, and that is why we are here. Bharat Rubber Works’s oral droppers are available in a variety of sizes and are easy to use. They will help you accurately measure the dose and deliver the required amount of liquid. With the experience of over 40 years in the Pharmaceutical industry, our high-grade quality products are manufactured to achieve high standards.

  • Salient Features
  • Usage
  • Designed as per different sizes to deliver precise dosage.
  • User-friendly for pediatric purposes.
  • Premium-grade materials to prevent spills and leaks.
  • Easy-to-read scale for convenient usage.
  • Available in glass with different tip designs (flat tip, straight tip, Taper tip, ball tip and ball tilted tip) and plastic materials.

We aim at providing our consumers with the most excellent quality oral liquid dispenser or droppers untouched by any contaminated substances.

An oral medicine dispenser or dropper is an essential tool for measuring and dispensing precise amounts of liquid doses like prescribed drugs, vitamins, supplements, or over-the-counter medications. You must have experienced healthcare professionals who recommend the use of well-defined measuring devices to administer medication. The mouth/oral droppers from Bharat Rubber Works live up to their words.