Lid selection is an imperative factor while planning the storage of products, like chemicals and drugs, in industrial containers. With a tamper-resistant approach, lids from Bharat RubberWorks allow safe moving and storing of drugs and chemicals to prevent biohazards. Avail your lids in several sizes and designs as per your requirements.

  • Salient Features
  • Usage
  • Lids for round, non-round containers, and drink cups.
  • Crafted with two seal and tamper-resistant applications.
  • Lids with reusability and increased shelf life.
  • Non-pyrogenic, high purity, and noncytotoxic.
  • Moisture-resistant and air-resistant to prevent contamination.

Installing lids on industrial containers tends to preserve the properties of chemicals, drugs, and medicines. The solid construction and material formulations save you a lot of cost with their efficient reusability. The impact resistance and durability feature prevent the content from pollution and radiation. It is a crucial feature to decrease the risk of contamination while the pharmaceutical industry works.