PharmaceuticalsEuro Head Caps

Euro Head Caps

Bharat RubberWorks euro head caps for (PE- LDPE) bottles are ready to use (RTU) products available in varied sizes to suit your needs. With more than 40 years of sophisticated manufacturing and designing, we aim to provide our customers with a reliable solution to their needs. Before moving on to features, the most crucial benefit of euro head caps are their non-leachable material. It prevents the plastic from getting into the drug solution, thereby preserving quality.

  • Salient Features
  • Usage
  • Best suited for closing plastic infusion bottles: IV Bottles
  • Comes in Pull-Off
  • Colour: Natural
  • Made from medical grade imported granules
  • Non PVC, DEHP free
  • Ready To Use (RTU)
  • Euro cap, sterilized at 121 degree Celsius to maintain aseptic conditions
  • Enhanced welding properties
  • Available in different sizes to suit your needs
  • Prevents leakage, contamination, or accidental loss of drug solution

The Euro head caps for plastic infusion bottles, IV bottles, sterilized at 121 degrees to achieve aseptic conditions provide durable support to the container as well as commit to quality. Euro heads prevent accidental loss of drug solution and contamination. The rubber disc is available in natural, Bromobutyl, Isoprene, or Customer Specific. The caps are designed to serve you an uncompromised quality.