PharmaceuticalsCream, Tablet & Gel Applicator

Cream, Tablet, Gel Applicator

With an experience of more than four decades in the pharmaceutical industry, we expect our engineers and designers to focus on the needs of consumers, the quality protection of products, ease of use, and resistance to any damage. Cream, Tablet & Gel Applicators come under pharmaceutical applicators used for various purposes. With every clinical trial of a product, we ensure to increase the efficiency and the comfort to use.

  • Salient Features
  • Usage
  • A broad range of colors and doses size of Cream, Tablet & Gel Applicators.
  • Improved visibility of measurements.
  • Comes with multiple packaging options to meet your production needs, like bulk delivery, single, three, or seven packs, etc.
  • Smooth tips of applicators to minimize friction.

Cream, Tablet & Gel Applicator are massively used pharmaceutical applicators for treatments. They have efficient applicator properties for contraception, lubricants, spermicides, antifungal, and antibacterial treatments. With changeable dosage applicators, Cream, Tablet & Gel Applicators are well suited for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.