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Child-Resistant Closures (CRC)
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Child-Resistant Caps or Child-Resistant Closures (CRC) manufactured by Bharat Rubber Works in India are designed keeping in mind the potential hazards of several chemicals that can harm innocent children.

Are you also worried about your child consuming some hazardous chemical/drug kept for medical purposes?

As a responsible parent or caretaker, you might get successful in keeping the drugs out of their reach, but kids and children are notorious with a less developed conscience about medications. Bharat Rubber Works ensures that your child is kept safe from potentially dangerous drugs.

We offer a wide range of effective child-resistant closures (CRC). Know more about CRC below:

  • Salient Features
  • Usage
  • A broad range of capacities available: 22mm,25mm,28mm,33mm,38mm.
  • Excellence in maintaining product integrity.
  • CRC with press and turn opening options.
  • Adequate gripping and high durability.

Mistaken ingestion of hazardous chemicals or drugs has led to an increased demand for Child-Resistant Closures (CRC), also known as safety caps or Child-Resistant caps. ISO certified Child-Resistant Closures (CRC) by Bharat RubberWorks, protects innocent minds from accidentally or unintentionally consuming medications or drugs.