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Disc Top Cap

With Bharat RubberWork Disc Top Caps, we commit to provide you with an easy one-handed opening and use under the shower with minimal effort. The classic cylindrical disc top caps are an excellent choice for dispensing caps. Say no to the mess and dip tubes with easy-to-use and durable options of disc top caps. Let us look at some salient feature for the same:

  • Salient Features
  • Usage
  • Easy to use and one-handed operation
  • Dispensing cap for hair care, skincare, or spa essentials
  • With the use of polypropylene construction
  • Pairs with most of the bottles
  • Smooth functioning
  • Available in different neck finish sizes and suited to your needs
  • Optimal orifice aims to offer ideal stream:
    1. Smaller orifice for a precise stream in liquid-based products
    2. Larger orifice for thicker stream in cream or viscous-based products
  • High impact resistance and excellent moisture barrier

The usage of disc top caps can be divided into three areas:

  1. Disc Top Caps for Hair Care
    The durable disc top caps can be used for hair shampoos, hair serums, hair creams, in salons as well as at home. A broad range of options between varied neck sizes allows you to choose between liquid or viscous-based products. Our industry has given the disc top caps the flexibility to match with an extensive range of plastic bottles.
  2. Disc Top Caps for Skin Care
    Glossy disc top caps with smooth functioning can make a great packaging product for your skincare products. You can use disc top caps for skincare for creams, lotions, serums, face wash, sunscreen, exfoliants, etc.The cap allows easy dispensing and one-handed closure accessibility to avoid mess. With excellent moisture barrier and high impact resistance, the disc top caps for skincare are an affordable and smart choice for an increased shelf life of products.
  3. Disc Top Caps for Spa Essentials
    You can use the moisture-blocking disc top caps for several spa essentials like massage oils, lotions, manicure application, etc. A simple and affordable disc top cap can help you retain the product’s freshness and increase its shelf life.