Union Budget 2022: Here’s how Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Sector has responded to Nirmala Sitharaman’s announcements

Siddharth Shah, Director, Bharat Rubber Works Pvt Ltd (A pioneer in healthcare packaging), said “India has been in the category of developing world whereby it had to wait for years before it could begin vaccinating against some of the world’s deadliest diseases. Many, especially those our age, are perhaps unaware that there was a time when India used to rely extensively on foreign aid to ensure adequate food supply for its large population. It was beyond imagination that India would manage to vaccinate a significant proportion of its population within two years of a pandemic outbreak – a historic first that points to the transformation it has witnessed over the years. There were expectations for more PLI-based schemes but an increase in cargo and a boost in supply chain infrastructure were much needed which were heavily fractured during the pandemic. Also, it will boost in enhancing productivity. They will be key to sustaining this momentum thus accelerating sectoral growth and consolidating India’s position within the global pharma value chain. It’s the right time to invest and increase capacity for quantity and quality production”.


Source: Times Now News