Bharat Rubber’s Effective Solution For Protecting Prefilled Syringes

What is a needle shield?

A needle shield is a syringe attachment that protects the user from unintended needle pricks and limits syringe needle infection. A plug with an external surface and a shell with an inner surface defining a cavity make up the needle shield.

A safety element utilized during stitching is the Safety Needle Guard. The metal guard is fitted to the presser foot bar to avoid any unintended needle contact during sewing.

Why is a needle shield necessary?

With up to one million instances predicted each year, needlestick injuries are second only to back injuries as a source of harm to healthcare professionals. Even if no illnesses are spread, such an accident can cause a lot of anxiety and stress. Rigid needle shields aid in decreasing needle stick injuries in the field.

The needle is stacked in the syringe’s tip and covered with a needle shield, also known as a needle safety guard, to avoid unintentional needle sticks. Typically, this shield is injection molded and can be hard or soft.

Bharat Rubber’s Effective Solution

A vital safety step is to examine the needle safety guard. As the needle shield has to be fitted precisely, the syringe and shield cone angle can only be slightly different before the assembly is rejected. The needle may get bent if the shield is distorted or lost. Similarly, if the shield is pushed too far down, the needle may protrude from the shield’s end. Other manufacturing and handling methods, in addition to these frequent flaws, might generate surface contamination on the shield or needle. At Bharat Rubber, all these flaws are eliminated.

Most ordinary prefillable syringes can be fitted with Bharat Rubber’s needle shields and tip caps. These parts are made of elastomers that are specifically intended for use in prefilled syringes.

For insert- and staked-needle prefillable syringes, Bharat Rubber has robust needle shields that give enhanced safety. When removing the rigid needle shield from a prefillable syringe with inserted or attached needles, the molded plastic outer shell combined with the soft rubber part helps reduce needle tip damage and is ideal for functioning.